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My peach
On a gentle breeze, the warm summer air carries a sweet, heavy aroma; the scent of sugary juices wafts between the branches. I step barefoot among the short, gnarled trees with light green leaves, careful not to tread on the rotten fruit littering the grass. A fly buzzes by my ear every so often, whispering to me a low vibrato. I search carefully and slowly for the perfect one, the roundest, plumpest, most beautifully colored piece of art nature could provide me. Moving leaves kindly and tenderly aside to examine each fruit, I caress each of them affectionately, breathing in their bouquet as I pass from one to another. Then, I find it, the ideal specimen. There, between two young trees at the back of the grove, an elderly plant, with heavy branches and large dark leaves, carries one lonesome peach. With bated breath, I approach the tree as though it could spring into animated life and run away, my arm outstretched directly towards the single ripe fruit. I know as my fingers brush the b
:iconehpituhmee:ehpituhmee 1 0
Speak Those Words
While I read your soul through the words you speak,
I feel a pull in my chest.
My heartstrings are being wrenched and twisted
Every which way they can.
As each word passes through
The space between my ear and my brain,
I fall a little deeper.
A little deeper into the pits of love.
The claws of your passion grab hold of me
And I cannot break free, wouldn't if I could.
I am at ease here, always the listener.
The purveyor of peace of mind.
My captor, never stop your words of ecstacy.
I'm getting drunk on the rhythm
Of your buttery smooth voice
And it feels so right.
Take this hold you have on me.
Cherish it. Cherish me.
I worship you.
My kingdom for your love...
The least you could do is keep speaking those words.
:iconehpituhmee:ehpituhmee 1 0
Plesioraffe by ehpituhmee Plesioraffe :iconehpituhmee:ehpituhmee 1 0
O, the piper
o, where does the piper play?
along the road so long and winding.
follow, you shall, his somber tune.
make haste to catch his footsteps,
else he'll leave your sorry soul.
o, why does the piper call?
your time is trickling away.
the sands of day and night are
short for your world, old child.
don't fight the clock; you'll lose.
o, when will the piper take you?
the end of the path draws near.
walk lithely as not to anger them.
they watch all along and judge.
your fate is in their grasp.
o, what will the piper do?
his dance is so enticing.
try resisting joining in.
his job, made easier, you fail.
they watch and laugh and jeer.
o, who does the piper tell?
they are all powerful and wise,
to decide, your soul, for up or down.
penalty of life, death.
you end.
:iconehpituhmee:ehpituhmee 0 0
Phoenix Dream by ehpituhmee Phoenix Dream :iconehpituhmee:ehpituhmee 0 0
You know you're in love
You know you're in love when you think about the person and imagine holding hands instead of sex. When you see them look your way and your heart stops beating for a good few seconds. When you take a wrong turn on purpose just to be with them that extra 30 seconds it takes to make your way back. When you play music you know they like just to hear their voice when they sing along. When your fantasies about them involve children. When they smile for any reason and it makes you blush. When you can't picture life without them in it, whether its with you or not. When your legs touch and you press back for a second, just a little, to feel their warmth. When a long silence between you is more comfortable than talking all the time. When they reach to brush something out of your hair and you pray they let their hands linger for a moment. When all you can ever think of is being close to them. When every second away from them makes the knot in your stomach twist more and more. When you long for th
:iconehpituhmee:ehpituhmee 2 4
Damn Emotions
Is there any way to take all these damn emotions out of me?
I'm sick and tired of feeling remorse and envy. I'm sick and tired of trying to hold back the inevitable. I'm sick and tired of chasing some stupid, hopeless dream.
I want to carve out my heart and stow it away forever.
I want to be able to be happy for you. I want to be able to control myself with you. I want to be able to let you go.
Will this insanity ever stop?
I need to stop loving you. Am I in love with you? I shouldn't love you.
Just help me bleed it all out.
Help me forget. Help me stop in my tracks. Help me hold back.
Is there any way to take all these damn emotions out of me?
:iconehpituhmee:ehpituhmee 1 5
The Blue Sayen Flower by ehpituhmee The Blue Sayen Flower :iconehpituhmee:ehpituhmee 0 1

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I now know that once you find true love, it is effortless to keep up. Nothing can stand in its way. I've always struggled with what I believed was love, but none of that can compare in the slightest to what I'm experiencing now. All I do is smile, and the only time I cry is when I see his face...I cry tears of joy. I know a long and happy future is in store for us, and I am ecstatic. I am in love.
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I tend to dwell on far-out, fantastical things and spend most of my time in my own head. It is a magical place, and I wish I could share it all with the world...but I know I will scare the living soul out of whomsoever happens across my mind. I let out bits and pieces in small amounts so everyone has a chance to build up a resistance. Maybe someday, all of my thoughts will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting...until that day, I keep to myself. It's for the better.


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